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 *  == Courage and Change ==
 *  by Bookish Delight
 *  In the wake of the Friendship Games, Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer have managed to find each other, and springboard their friendship into a deep, and special, bond. Twilight would love nothing more than to explore all of the intricacies of this bond. Specifically, the ones that leave her flushed and panting from late-night fantasies.
 *  But the perfect time to do so repeatedly eludes Twilight—and it only gets worse when her lab and research are suddenly threatened. However, as Sunset and Twilight support one another during the hardships ahead, amidst their deepest fears, they find a joy that brings them closer than they ever expected.
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 *  Editing duties courtesy of [url=]nanashi_jones[/url]. Cover/accompanying artwork by [url=]Shax[/url]!
 *  Entire fiction as PDFpdf
 *  Chapters:
 *  1: Paying A Visitpdf
 *  2: Paying the Piperpdf
 *  3: Paying It Forwardpdf
 *  4: Paying Her Backpdf
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