Gopher: The First Time You See Her

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 *  == The First Time You See Her ==
 *  by Skywriter
 *  In which Shining Armor receives a promotion, Princess Cadance reunites with an old friend, and cloudfall is finally made. Part of the "[url=]Cadance of Cloudsdale[/url]" cycle, now with its own [url=]group[/url]!
 *  Entire fiction as PDFpdf
 *  Chapters:
 *  Part One: Canterlot (Shining Armor)pdf
 *  Part Two: Reduit, quite a few centuries ago (Kale)pdf
 *  Part Three: Canterlot, to Reduit (Shining Armor)pdf
 *  Part Four: Reduit, fewer centuries ago than before (Treasure)pdf
 *  Part Five: Reduit (Princess Cadance)pdf
 *  Part Six: Canterlot, the present day (Celestia)pdf
 *  Part Seven: Reduit, at the very beginning of things (Auric)pdf
 *  Part Eight: Reduit, to Cloudsdale (Shining Armor)pdf
 *  Part Nine: Cloudsdale (Princess Cadance)pdf
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