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 *  == Upheaval: Legacy ==
 *  by Visiden Visidane
 *  After the siege of Bastion City and the theft of the power of sunlight, Spike takes on Prince Terrato's offer to train under the kirin, Seethe Scale. He must travel to the Western Barrier Land to gain the strength to help his friends.
 *  Once there, however, Spike soon realizes that there is more for him to contend with in this harsh environment than developing his abilities.
 *  Entire fiction as PDFpdf
 *  Chapters:
 *  A Vital Taskpdf
 *  Half Dragonpdf
 *  Dragonkindpdf
 *  Parents and Purposepdf
 *  Seethe Scale and Lanfadorapdf
 *  Spike and Seifralhadarpdf
 *  Specialpdf
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