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 *  Bachelor thesis in Computer Science:
 *  “Statische Prüfung von Prolog-Quellcode” (German)
 *  About detecting complex or badly documented code sections in Prolog projects, and marking them in automatically generated documentation.
 *  infolog.pdfpdf
 *  Bachelor thesis in Linguistics:
 *  “Computerlinguistische Analyse des Online-Wahlkampfs zur Bundestagswahl 2017” (German)
 *  About automatical classification of tweet authors by their political party, using weighted n-grams.
 *  twitbtw.pdfpdf
 *  Guessing a tweet author's political party using weighted n-gram models
 *  Enum Cohrs and Wiebke Petersen
 *  To be published in the proceedings of the conference on Research Data and Humanities 2019 (preprint)
 *  Twitter_party_guesser.pdfpdf

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